Soap saver bag

Well done, you have switched to soaps and shampoo bars but of course you have noticed the soap crumbs and broken bits stuck to the bottom of the soap dish and have experienced the wafer thin soap practically impossible to use.

Problem solved with the soap saver bag. Just place your soap in the bag, entirely or just the small bits, place under water and wash yourself with it, it will create a lather and a slight exfoliating effect too. You can also just take the soap out to use and replace it in the bag after use to dry. No more waste and fighting with your skinny soap. It comes in either a green or pink thread so you can identify the soap from the shampoo

Material used

Organic cotton mesh fabric is used for the bag. It is slitghtly stretchy so can fit most soaps and soap bars. The loop is usually made out of remnants of organic cotton jersey strips.


9 cm (3.5 ") x 10 cm (4")

Note that sizes may vary from item to item due to its handmade nature



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Care instructions

Wash at 30°C – do not tumble dry