Pan protector

A pan protector placed at the bottom of your pan/pot will prevent scratches from stacking up your pans when storing them. And obvioulsy it will help prolong the life of your pan and reduce the need to dispose of it (and create waste - unlikely to be recyclable) and buying a new one.

Material used

The protector is made out of natural fibres fabric, either organic cotton fleece or upcycled thick cotton.

Please indicate if you have a prefered colour and we will do our utmost to satisfy your query depending if we have the fabric of this colour in stock. We currently have pink, magenta, blue and green fleece and navy thick cotton.


They are made to measure so please indicate the diameter of the bottom of your pan at the time of ordering.



(+ postage, see the Terms and Conditions page for details of delivery fees)

Care instructions

Wash at 30°C – do not tumble dry