Eco Sponge

Shop bought disposable sponges are made out of plastic, you need to buy some quite frequently not making it a very sustainable item. Here is an alternative: the fabric eco sponge. We have 2 styles: the "skinny" and the "plump" one. Please indicate which sponge you want and colour at time of purchase ( limited availability).

Material used

The "Plump"

This one is more voluminous.Organic cotton waffle fabric is used for the general use side which comes in 3 different colours: light blue, cream, and black. The other side is made out of Hessian and is for more stubborn dirt that need scrubbed. There is a loop to hang it up to dry, and it is usually made out of remnants of organic cotton jersey strips. It is filled with organic kapok which is a natural biodegradable fibre that is hypoallergenic.

The "Skinny"

It is not filled in but made out of 3 layers of organic waffte cotton and one organic printed cotton (pink flowers/ green flowers/water lilies). It is more compact and flatter in the hand. Will likely to be less foamy.


The "Plump"' approximately 13 cm (5.1 ") x 8 cm (3.1")13 cm (5.1 ") x 8 cm (3.1")

The "Skinny" approximately 12cm (4.7) x 9.5 cm (3.7)

Note that sizes may vary from item to item due to its handmade nature



(+ postage, see the Terms and Conditions page for details of delivery fees)

Care instructions

After use, rinse, squeeze, reshape and hang as it will dry faster

Wash at 30-40°C around every 2 weeks or more frequently if needed

Do not tumble dry

Keep away from fire sources as kapok is a highly inflammable fibre