Reusable wipes

Make up removal/skincare

£11 pack of 7


£8 pack of 5

Body/multipurpose "prints"

£8 pack of 5

Why reusable wipes?

This seems a no brainer in a world where the protection of our environment and of our health is so vital. Some of the benefits of using reusable wipes include reducing wastage and the need for more production and use of resources needed for disposable wipes, reducing the negative environmental impact on nature and wildlife that disposable wipes can cause, reducing chemical use which equals in healthier lifestyle, cost effectiveness as you won’t need to buy so many and as often.

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What are the wipes made of?

I have spent many hours researching the qualities of various fibres in terms of efficiency for the use intended but also the environmental and health aspect of them which is a key factor for me. So:

The body/multipurpose "prints" wipes are intended originally to clean babies bums for both pees and poos (and why not extend it to adult as toilet wipe or intimate wipe), and can also be used for face and hands.

They are made out of organic cotton jersey (scraps from garments projects) on one side that provides a soft and fun looking side whilst on the the other side the white organic cotton fleece is good to grip the nastiness but still remains soft on the skin.

They measure approximately 14 cm x 14 cm (5.5” x 5.5”). Due to the home made nature of these items size may vary a little from one wipe to another.

The face/hands cleaning wipes are intended mainly to clean babies and young children mucky hands and face after meals for example but could be used for adult face gentle cleaning for people with delicate skin.

They are made of a colourful organic soft brushed fleece cotton on one side that provides a very soft surface for delicate skin and on the other side of organic cotton micro terry towelling to grip the nastiness but still remains soft on skin. Note that some tiny fluffs could be left on the skin if rubbed firmly but should disappear after machine washing the wipes a few times.

They measure approximately 14 cm x 14 cm (5.5” x 5.5”). Due to the home made nature of these items size may vary a little from one wipe to another.

The make-up removal/skincare wipes are intended for make-up removal or skincare routine.

They are made of organic hemp fleece on one side that is extremely soft and of organic soft brushed fleece cotton that is also very soft for delicate skin such as eyes lids.

They measure approximately 10 cm x 7 cm (3.9” x 2.7”). Due to the home made nature of these items size may vary a little from one wipe to another

How to use the wipes?

Depending on what usage you will make of them it will vary but here are a few basics and it is up to you to find what best suit your needs:

Body/multipurpose "prints" wipes: ideal to remove food, dirt, pee and poo use cotton fleece. Have a small container of warm water near you and damp the wipe in it prior wiping. It is also an option to fill a square container with a bit of water and keep all your wipes in it, this way they will remain moist without the need to have a bowl of water next to you each time. You can also add a drop of essential oil in the water if you want.

It is possible to use the same wipe on both sides in the same use avoiding getting your fingers all dirty by folding it in quarters. From experience reusable wipes are so much more efficient than disposable as they catch the dirt so much better and only one (or 2 max for very messy accidents) will be enough whereas I can remember that for disposables I needed so many as it would not remove the dirt easily and just slide or spread the poo on the bum!

The baby wipes can of course also be used for other purpose such as face adult face cleansing routine or kids hands or mouth wipes.

Face/hands wipes: ideal to clean up mucky hands and mouth after a meal. Just run the wipe under a bit of water and gently wipe away. I would advise not to use the fleece side too firmly on the skin as it might leave some tiny fluffs when wet (they should disappear after several washes in the machine). Also perfect for gentle face cleaning or drying for delicate skin.

Make up/skincare wipes: They are smaller in order not to flop over when cleaning smaller areas such as the eye lashes, lids, lips etc. Both sides are extremely soft and should be good at gripping the make-up. Usable on both sides in one use is possible by folding it to make the most of the fabric available. For example to clean eye make-up I only use one wipe for both eyes ( one half per eye on one side) and I used the other side to wipe the eyes to check that all make-up has been removed. I chose only white for the make-up removal wipes in order to see that the make-up has been well removed.

They should not be too absorbent which is good if you apply cream or lotions as you won’t waste the liquid being absorbed by the wipe.

How to store and care for the wipes?

You can store the clean wipes in any container (we also sell pretty fabric baskets to keep your wipes tidy - see this page) have and once used put them straight into a mesh bag if you wish (this can avoid losing them in the washing machine) or a little bin (with a lid preferably if used for bum cleaning to avoid smells) and when it is time to do you laundry put them in your regular wash. In order to prevent make-up stains you might want to rinse by hand the wipe prior putting them in the laundry bag.

I would suggest washing on the 30 degrees cotton setting. The fabric has been pre washed to avoid shrinkage but some minor shrinkage could still happen. Also being made out of slightly stretchy materials they will most likely be a bit wavy. This does not affect the use but if you want a neat flat wipe, you can iron them on the cotton setting.


  • Mucky hands/face wipes - pack of 5 (mixed colours): £8

  • Baby wipes (bum/hands/face) - pack of 10: £16

  • Make-up removal / skincare wipes - pack of 7: £11

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