From £13 to £16

From £10 to £13

Snoods also known as neck warmers are an alternative to scarves and shawls. Designed to be practical, warm and pretty they come in various styles and designs. They are doubled sided with the inside layer ususally made out of the warmer material such as plain fleece and the outer materials with the patterned fabric. Click the below collections to see our range of snoods.

Material used

Some snoods are made out of non stretchy cotton or polycotton (to be found in the non-organic collection) and some are made of stretchy fleece and cotton jersey (both in the organic and non organic collection).

The "organic collection" snoods are made out of organic cotton fleece and organic cotton jersey (stretchy) . To know more about our organic ethos click here

The "non organic collection£ ones use a mixture of materials such as polar fleece, cuddly fleece, cotton, cotton jersey and polycotton

Size guide

Sizes may vary slightly from item to item due to its home made nature but see the basic sizes.

  • CHILD: between 52 and 60cm (20.4inches to 23.6 inches) circumference / height 23-30 cm (9.8 - 11.8 in). Make sure the child can remove it safely on his own to avoid risk of suffocation

  • ADULT: circumference approximate 55 to 65cm (23.6 inches to 26.7 inches) x height 30-35cm (13.7 in)

Enquiry for smaller or bigger sizes.

Some are in stretchy materials and others snoods in woven non stretchy fabric , note that snoods in stretchty fabric are narrower due to their elasticity properties


From £10 to £18 depending on fabric. Price indicated below each photo

(+ postage, see the Terms and Conditions page for details of delivery fees)

Care instructions

Wash at 30°C – do not tumble dry

Do not iron the fleece side of the snood.

Note that fleece might loose a bit of its softness after a wash (like many fabrics do)